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Adios Aaron's Reputation2004-10-08 20:36:53russanne

Dear Russ, It has been a while now so I hope you have had a couple of lightbulb moments. Maybe you realize by now that the Buerge boy didn't have one sincere bone in his body. Is it any surprise that he cries over and over about his bad luck with girls. Could it be because he is a liar, a loser, and a user? Telling Helene about his many other offers was immature, insensitive and disrespectful. By the way, it is well known he only paid the taxes on the ring and by now more than made up for it by getting his cut of the sale. What a class act he is. My advice to any lady is run from this guy!

Hey, wait a minute, russ...2003-02-09 11:51:05mariwinn

I'm a displaced Easterner, too, and a sweetheart. :-)

Adíos, Helene2003-02-09 11:45:05russ

I have just read about every article and post about the upcoming issue of People Magazine concerning Aaron and Helene. And their breakup. It reminded me of the Darva Congers, and Rick Rockwell Millionaire ending. I believe Helene used and manupulated Aaron, and he succumbed to her smooth talk and good looks. Brooke was sincere, and worshipped Aaron, and almost threw herself too hard into this made-for-TV real life experience. It is a hard road to walk, along with 25 hopeful classy girls. But, Helene didn't seem to give a hoot about the Trolleys business, his loft, or his family. She had other agenda, only known to her. I hope she stays in the East with those type of folks. She couldn't handle a sincere man that spends $34,000 for a ring, gets on his knees, and gives himself and his family to 28 million viewers. Helene... adios... sayonara, buena suerte,... and good riddens.
Updated: 2003-02-09 11:46:16

Word is out...kaput2003-02-01 18:31:28mariwinn
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So, what else is new?2003-01-12 18:25:01jodie-d

I was just looking for the status of Aaron and Helene and stumbled here I just wonder if Helene is so naive that she thinks that Aaron, now wanted by so many women across the country, is going to wait for her to move to Springfield. I can't see Aaron waiting. He seems to move just a little too quick for me. I also want to say I think buying someone a $34,000 ring only knowing them for 6 or 7 weeks is crazy. Just because you have it too spend doesn't mean spend it. He should have just let the show buy the ring then he could have given that $34,000 to a charity or something. That Is just my opinion. Not that mine really makes a difference. I think that this whole engagement with Aaron and Helene is crazy. I have heard that Aaron has been seen In Alabama. Is this true? I have also heard that he has been going out with other girls from his hometown. Is any of this true? I know a lot of people are interested in Aaron now that he has been on TV. I just wonder how popular he would be If he just went on a talk show looking for someone. Or on the computer? I don't think that women are seeing the # 1 great thing that I see when I see Aaron. I don't like him because of his $$$$. Or his loooooks. I think that when Aaron Is ready to settle down that he would make a great husband. He would also be a great Father. Aaron has a lot going for him. He Is very energetic. I like that he likes to try new things. He likes boating, horseback riding, getting dressed up and going to dinner. I could go on and on, but I won't. I will say one thing, though, if it doesn't work with Helene there will be a lot of women fighting over him. I just hope he waits a little longer than 6 or 7 weeks to propose. Well, I am going to be like Brooke, and say I hope everything goes well.

Aaron the Jerk 2003-01-09 12:41:40peep73

Well, I knew that Aaron was not going to marry that girl to begin with. I doubt that his family even liked her. I suppose that anybody that marries any of the Buerge boys is in for a hard ride with his folks. Sure, Aaron is probably easy going and fun, but not ready to settle down. After all, didn't they say that his girlfriend of 3 years did not even know they were broken up? I agree, he lied to get on the show about not "seeing anyone". He probably wrote the cost of that ring off as a business expense or something.

A good question...2003-01-07 10:17:44mariwinn

Aaron is seen around Springfield with other women. One of them no doubt had been or still is his favorite. However, he was compelled to deny having a girlfriend in order to qualify for the show..... Helene did say on public television that she had no desire to move to Springfield, MO. And Aaron is a local boy who is quite content where he is--near his family, friends and business ventures..... We can't say what the significance was of Aaron's maintaining that he paid for the diamond ring, but it did add to the "romance." Early on, it did seem that Aaron favored Helene--just the way he looked at her was a giveaway. But we believe that she is his fantasy princess and not someone he would marry. Native easterners and midwesterners tend to be like oil and water--never really a blend..... Alas, the truth will be carefully protected as long as there's money to be made on the fable.

What's up with Aaron & Helene?2003-01-07 09:41:12cindyf

Can anyone tell me if Aaron Buerge and Helene are still an item? Are they getting married?