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Be careful of the stones you throw2016-06-09 00:22:41pwarrior

We need to be careful in how we put our Mouth against someone for we never know how our King Jesus is going to use them and I deeply respect and Honor Mr. Larry Sellers on Dr. Quinn Medicine Show as Cloud Dancing and only I do not believe that the Truth is being told on him concerning his children one already admitted she sees him regularly so Dave I have to agree with the others sounds like a money issue also if your wife his ex was following him around then make sure you are telling the whole truth of it not just attacking the other party for it takes three in a marriage King Jesus and the couple or the Devil and the Couple Larry was not married to his self !!!!!!!!! I do not think it is right to be telling anything if you are not going to admit to both sides of it and it takes a big person to admit to your wrongs so moved forward do not look behind and if you are not working get a job and provide for your family and quit looking for child support to provide for your family !!!!!!!!!!!