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Zyprexa Cash Cow Up2006-10-21 05:59:09dhaszard

Eli Lilly 3Q 10% profit rise is nearly all from psyche drugs including zyprexa. How have they schemed to squeeze more money from their zyprexa cash cow when pill production has actually gone down? ANS-Eli Lilly profiteers have jacked up the price of zyprexa to the federal govt,from the Medicare D payouts. Eli Lilly is a big drug company that puts profits over patients. They covered up findings that their Zyprexa has a TEN times greater risk of causing type 2 diabetes Only 9% of Americans trust big pharma,right around the same rating as tobacco companies. Daniel Haszard--Eli Lilly zyprexa drug caused my diabetes--

ELI LILLY SCANDAL2006-10-19 09:07:44dhaszard

Eli Lilly Promoted Drug Under False Pretenses: Report by Richard Knox . {Eli Lilly greedy tactics,although not about zyprexa this episode is circa 2002.} A whistleblower report in the New England Journal of Medicine accuses the company of initiating false reports of a shortage of the drug. The plan involved a public-relations firm hired by Eli Lilly, which then spread the word that its very expensive drug was being "rationed," the report says. It also included descriptions of physicians being "systematically forced" to decide who would live and who would die . The drug, Xigris, was designed to fight sepsis, a condition that kills more than 200,000 Americans annually. The company also paid for development of official practice guidelines by an established medical organization, the report says. The guidelines favor wider use of the Lilly drug. The doctors who wrote the report say Eli Lilly is now funding efforts around the world to get the guidelines put into medical practice. One prominent quality-improvement organization only learned of the drug company's funding this week. ------ Daniel Haszard ~ zyprexa caused my diabetes