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Perry: Left-wing extremist?2006-05-09 06:29:25hardaway

Dear Perry, Your opinions of Alex Jones seem to be a little extreme. I did a little research and found out that you, Perry Logan aka Kirk Hampton, also host an Austin cable access show. Is it possible then, that Alex Jones is more popular than you and you are bitter? Also, are the 'Scholars For 9/11 Truth' wack jobs? Yours truly, Grim Hardaway
Updated: 2006-05-09 06:32:22

Alex Jones is a nut2005-09-28 12:25:53perry

You absolutely can NOT believe anything Alex Jones says! Alex Jones is an extreme rightwing conspiracy nut. I know his work because I'm a fellow Austinite who sees his cable show all the time. Here are some of the things Alex Jones believes. I am not making fun of Alex here; these are things he has actually said on his cable access show: The ruling elite of the world worship Moloch. The secret rulers of the world can live forever. The elite have openly announced that they want to kill 80% of us. Vicente Fox can morph into a green devil Jacques Cousteau wants to kill 80% of us. (Jacques, too!) There are live AIDS viruses in the corn. (This means no sex with the corn. Sorry.) Waco was a government plot. Most power outages are government plots. Illegal immigration is a government plot. The counterculture is a government plot. Vaccines are a you-know-what. Thumbscanning is a government plot. Environmentalism is a government plot. The National Seatbelt Initiative is a government plot. Feminism is a government plot. All domestic terror attacks are government plots. Arnold Schwartzeneggar is part of an Austrian plot to take over America. Skull & Bones is part of an English plot to take over America. Children's cartoons are part of a government plot to brainwash us. The secret ruling elite of the world are putting up buildings that look like owls all over America (for some reason) Most major police chiefs are CIA operatives. Gloria Steinham is a CIA operative. The Quakers are all communists. Anyone who favors gun control is a Nazi (i.e., most Americans) All of Clinton's cabinet were Jewish People have tattoos saying "Don't Kill Me" in Holland. Lyndon Johnson had John Kennedy killed. The UN has sold thousands of children into slavery & for snuff films. Gays are actively recruiting in our schools. The government keeps "giant, honeycombed hives full of toddlers drugged on lithium." The Rothschilds funded Hitler. Alex Jones can predict the future, because he goes to the SECRET WEBSITES where the New World Order tells you EVERYTHING IT'S GOING TO DO. Just think: if you can find those websites, YOU can predict the future too!